United We Stand. Divided We Fall

United We Stand. Divided We Fall

It’s understandable that the losers, in any given situation or contest, would need some time to work through their disappointment and loss.  It’s even understandable that there would be a stage of anger to work through after losing something about which one is extremely passionate.  With the recent reelection of President Obama, nearly fifty percent of our nation is feeling as if they were on the losing side of the latest contest.  As a nation, we are likely as divided now as we were during the civil war.

Spending some time on social media over the past day or two, I see much disappointment coming from the conservative side of the fence, and under the circumstances, I think that is understandable.

As many already know, the normal stages of grief and loss begin with the stage of shock and denial.  I know I definitely felt the effects of that stage when I went to bed on Tuesday night.  I had really hoped my vote to send Barack Obama home was going to be on the winning side of things.

It wasn’t long before I moved into the phase of pain. That happened as soon as I woke up on Wednesday morning.  The election outcome has been very painful for me.

According to the standard grief model, I will soon get to the phase of anger, then depression, and at some point, should reach the point where I can work through this, find a way to accept it, and get back to some stage of hope, which is vital to life itself.  Without hope we have nothing.

What I don’t understand is the anger I am seeing from the liberal side of the fence over the past couple of days.  I have noticed that many liberals are spewing anger and venom every time they enter text into their computer.  It’s as if they don’t realize that their guy won!

I would think the winners would be celebrating with a joyous spirit, but what I see is the vicious “I told you so” response. I see people continuing to blame George W. Bush, even though he went home four years ago, and these statements are declared with an extra twist of anger, as if a knife is being plunged into my side, that seems accusatory towards me as if it was my personal influence and counsel that led President Bush through his years in office.

(And by the way, I can’t understand why Barack Hussein Obama can’t be held accountable for his four years in office.)

No matter who won, and no matter which side of the fence it is that you stand, we are all Americans.  This is OUR country!  It isn’t just mine. It isn’t just yours.  It doesn’t belong only to black or white. It doesn’t belong only to those who are gay or only to those who are straight. It certainly doesn’t belong only to Barack Obama.

It really doesn’t matter what Obama “accomplishes” while in office if his existence in the office of Presidency continues to tear this country apart.  The way it looks right now, we are headed for the end of the United States of America as we once knew it.  If we wake up one day to the death of our nation, it will be our own fault for allowing our emotions and our selfishness to destroy what should always be the greatest nation on earth.  It will be YOUR fault as much as it is MY fault.

Liberals, give those of us who have just experienced a traumatic loss the time we need to grieve.  We WILL get over it.  We have no choice.

Conservatives, stop waiting for the man in the Oval Office to fail. If and when he does, it means really bad things for all of us.  As much as I would like to say “I told you so” to Mr. Obama, I’m not sure I want to say it from my cardboard box under the bridge down the road.

Spewing venom and arrogance will get us to the end of the road a lot more quickly, and that end is not where we want to be.  Each of us needs to dust off our boots and keep moving forward, and whether we like it or not, we are going to have to find a way to work together which means compromise on BOTH sides of the fence.

United We Stand! Divided We Fall!

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