My Facebook Page is my Front Porch

My Facebook Page is my Front Porch

Because the election is now over and I am fully aware that I will feel the need to express my opinion, I thought I’d throw out some suggestions that may help me to avoid potential blood boiling moments and maintain friendships with my liberal friends.

I never hop onto other people’s Facebook pages and make negative comments about their status updates. If I don’t agree with them, I simply roll my eyes, have a fleeting thought about their ignorance (IMHO) and IGNORE them.  It’s not all about me, therefore, I realize that pounding my opinion into the heads of others is going to accomplish nothing.

For some reason, however, some of my friends with a different value and belief system, seem to think I welcome their honest and negative opinions about what I have to say.  When I make a statement, positive or negative, I’m airing my opinion with the expectation that people will LIKE it and make comments in that vein.

While I realize that I don’t know everything, I doubt that your Facebook comment, laced with arrogance and anger, is going to do anything to shift my belief system and bring me over to your side of the fence.  Since Facebook has not implemented a DISLIKE button, it seems to me that negative comments are discouraged, and I would greatly appreciate it if you could simply ignore me and my page if you don’t like what I have to say.

There are several ways to ignore me on Facebook.  The most obvious way would be to just continue through the newsfeed and exercise some self control.  For those who can’t do that, you also have the option of seeing less of me in your newsfeed. Simply click on the “Friends” button and then click on “Settings”.  There you will find a variety of ways to limit what you see.  I have done this numerous times myself. There are several whom I no longer have to subject myself to when reading the newsfeed, and, if you are one who harasses me at every turn, very likely it is you.  Finally, there is one more option, which I will admit I have exercised – the “unfriend” option.

Facebook, for me, is a way to stay connected with my friends without having to put on my make-up or take the ten hour drive back to my hometown.  It provides an inexpensive way for me to wish a happy birthday to my closest 768 friends, and it gives me a place to post a bzillion pictures of my twin grandbabies and enjoy all the oohs and aahs from my buddies.

Quoting the man of the day, “Let me be clear!” My FB profile page is my front porch.  Just as I would not go across the street and knock on your door to tell you what I think of your campaign signs or your ugly choice in paint for your shutters, I do NOT want you to come knock on my front door to tell me what you think of my campaign signs and my paint choices for my house.

Please treat my Facebook timeline, aka my front porch, in the same way you want me to treat your front porch.  If you don’t want me to throw eggs at your house, then don’t throw them at mine.  As I said, it’s not all about me so I don’t expect you to view the world through my lens, however, I will remind you that it is not all about YOU either.  You can’t change me any more than I can change you.  Let’s agree to disagree.  If you post something I don’t like on my Facebook page, I will just delete your comment and exercise one of the options mentioned above.

In closing, I would like to say that for all of you who voted to reelect President Obama, I WILL hold you accountable for the way this all ends up.  Enjoy the gloating today for tomorrow you will get exactly what you think you want. I’m just sorry that your actions will ultimately drag me and my family down the toilet with you.


Image: Front Porch by Liz Holm


  1. Karen Newman says:

    Thank you, I could not said so well!!!!

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