Twas the Week of Blue Madness

Twas the Week of Blue Madness

Twas the week before NOLA and all through the land,
The hoop fans were stirring and ringing their hands.
The four teams were destined and all set to show,
At last, the Big Easy, their dreams would be known.

The CATS were all restless, legs drooped from their beds,
While visions of banners danced round in their heads.
And Cal and his coaches, in the film room did meet,
Now sleep would not find them, none for this week!

The past, oh the banners, were hung high in Rupp,
All seven were waving with the BIG BLUE wind up.
The people were cheering at a wild fever pitch
For EIGHT they were waiting and starting to itch!

When all through the Bluegrass arose such a clatter,
I sprang from my couch to see what was the matter.
The people had gathered, A Nation Of Blue,
They’d started their trek to the place called Bayou!

The moon on the breast of the BLUE-fallen snow,
Made it clear to on-lookers it’d be quite a show.
When what to my wandering eyes should I see,
But CATS swatting balls as easy as flees!

A team with no leader, all lively and quick
Each had the back, of his brother to stick.
They held up their arms as the teams came and went
Gone home were the Hoosiers and Baylor, both spent!

Now marching to meet at the great Super Dome,
The Cards and their feathers, and Rick on his throne.
But oh what a greeting the Cats have in store
Just see what the SWAT team will do to the score!

With Cal as the driver, all lively and quick,
And a team with a swag, all lottery picks!
More rapid than horses, his courses they came,
And he screamed and he shouted and he called them by name:

“Now Gilchrist!  Now Wiltjer!
Now Miller and Vargas!
On Teague! On Lamb!
On Davis and Jones!
To the top of the Tourney!
To the top of Rupp’s wall!
Now swat away, swat away!
Swat away all!”

As teams that before the great tournament fall,
When they meet with an obstacle, the great Big Blue Ball,
So up to the top of the nations’ elite,
Our great one – and – done’s take the CHAMPIONS seat!

On Monday the rightful return of the crown
And the great Big Blue Nation will sing with resound,
“The CATS are the SWAT TEAM cutting the nets,
We’ll be back next year, you can go place your bets!”

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