Train up a child and he will Bleed Blue

Train up a child and he will Bleed Blue

When March comes around, everyone in the Bluegrass seems to show their true blue colors.  Though I’m not a Kentucky native, my husband was born and raised right here in Central Kentucky and we have raised our three boys here in Lexington.

My husband is a second generation University of Kentucky School of Architecture graduate, following in his father’s footsteps. Our youngest son graduates from high school in May, and he plans to attend UK as well.

After marrying one the world’s biggest Kentucky fans, and being transplanted here almost 22 years ago, I realized quickly that I had to arrange my life around the UK basketball schedule. After all these years, I am such a fan that I would most likely cheer against my own alma mater if they had the chance to play UK in basketball. It wouldn’t be so much that I was cheering against my school’s team.  It’s just that my college in Virginia, James Madison University, does not get much press here in the Bluegrass, which makes it difficult to follow the sports program.  I don’t really know too much about who has played on JMU’s teams over the years, but I can tell you just about anything you want to know about the members of the UK basketball team and I have discovered that I now bleed blue with the best of them!

One of our sons attends Western Kentucky University and is currently pursuing a double major in Physics and Mathematics.  When we faced WKU in the first round of the NCAA tournament last week, we wondered, for a split second, if there would be a conflict of interest for our Hilltopper.

Fully aware that he is an avid follower of UK sports and listens to every game with his iPhone app, we still wondered if he might possibly get caught up in the March Madness fever surrounding him at WKU last week.

When I got on Facebook just before the UK/WKU game, I knew that my boy was going to bleed blue no matter where he went to school. His status update simply said,

“Time to solve some differential equations and listen to my Cats dominate. Sorry Western. I love your campus, your staff, and the educational opportunities you give me, but you will never be my sports team. UK Basketball FTW!

Needless to say, he has made his father very proud!

Train up a child in the way he should go…..and when he is old he will Bleed Blue!

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