Big Blue Block Party

Big Blue Block Party

Big Blue Block Party
 - a Seussical view 

“Do you like blue days in June?”

“I do not like them Hoop-Fan-Blue
I do not like blue days in June.”

“And what of May?
Would you like blue days in May?”

“I would not like blue days in May,
Blue fans do not play that way!”
“Blue fans like blue days in March.
The CATS are in and livin’ large!”

“Now I know the month is March.
And thus, know too that CATS are large.
But do they like a BLOCK PAR-TY?
Would they show us, can we see?”

“Oh, they like a BLOCK PAR-TY!
Yes sir, yes sir, yes sir-eeee!
The Brow will throw a BLOCK PAR-TY!
See him swat and watch them flee!”

“Can he swat the duke-man’s three?
Can he swat it, can I see?”

“He can swat the duke-man’s three,
And Carolina’s two for me.
He can swat them from a car,
He can swat them from afar!”

“Is he player of the year,
This Brow you speak of with such cheer?
Is he worthy of the crown?
Or should the Brow begin to frown?”

“The Brow should never stoop to frown,
For he can fly above the ground!
They will choose him number one,
His blue days are one-and-done!”

“Sad these guys are one-and-done,
I hope that March, for them, is fun!”

“March shall have no tears or sadness
Big Blue Nation loves the Madness!
Swatting balls right down the river,
One-and-done they will deliver!”


  1. Ginger McComas peel says:

    Jamrs I love ya ~ but there is a blue screw loose !

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