A Mother’s Heart on Veterans Day

A Mother’s Heart on Veterans Day

I wonder how different our lives would be if someone wasn’t always willing to serve.  Since the birth of our nation, there have always been brave men and women standing in the gap to protect our nation and ensure our freedoms.

I spent the first 40 some years of my life enjoying all the sacrifices given on my behalf without ever feeling as if I was affected personally. It wasn’t until my oldest son chose to serve in the United States Marine Corps, during a time of war, that my eyes were opened to the reality of what people were really willing to do so I could continue to live in a free nation.

My life has changed quite drastically in the past eight years since my son stepped out of our house and onto the yellow footprints on the soil of Parris Island, South Carolina. I have now lived through three combat deployments, from the homefront, of course, and I have watched my son struggle after being injured and disabled.  I have watched him slowly, but surely, begin to put his life back together, and I have been overwhelmed and amazed at the number of challenges he always seems to face.  More amazing is that he manages to overcome them, one at a time.

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