Music and Faith from Ft. Living Room

Music and Faith from Ft. Living Room

May 15, 2011 ~ Music is a language that we all understand.  There are certain songs that make us clap our hands and stomp our feet.  Some songs bring us to tears.  Songs bring back memories from the past.  Music is used in advertisements, and very effectively I might add.  The music in a film or television show will cause you to become nervous, frightened, happy, sad, and quite possibly have you running for a box of tissues.  Our world would be a sad place without music.

Listening to contemporary Christian music has been a big part of my survival over the past two or three years.  Songs are often prayers written to music.  Lyrics often teach us scripture or tell a story of struggle and teach us of God’s love and faithfulness.  I am thankful for those that have been gifted with the ability to share their trials and the lessons learned of faith and trust through song.  I’ve got a playlist on my iPod called “Survival”.  I am constantly adding to the list and it takes me about 5 hours to play through the list in its entirety.  I won’t list all the songs here, but I will, from time to time, share a song, the artist, the lyrics, and perhaps why the song speaks to me.

If you aren’t familiar with contemporary Christian artists, I would recommend K-Love or Air 1 Radio.  These stations are broadcast nationwide.  Both have websites which you can visit to find out where you can listen locally to their stations.  These stations are even broadcast overseas, so if you are deployed you can likely find a way to listen, as well.  If there is no station in your area, you can listen online or through a smartphone app.

Before you throw your hands up and walk away from this idea, give it a try for a few days.  You will likely find that your vigil from Fort Living Room is a little easier to face as you live through the days of deployment or the days of recovery you walk with your wounded warrior.

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