Beauty Will Rise

Beauty Will Rise

May 16, 2011 ~ As the mother of one struggling with PTSD and TBI, the past couple of years has been one of my most difficult to survive.  Though my wounded warrior still draws breath, he is no longer the person who left home seven years ago to join the Marine Corps. As I adjust to what is the “new normal” for our family, I have found that the album, Beauty Will Rise by Steven Curtis Chapman has not only spoken to me, but carried me through days where I thought I would not be able to go on.

This album was born out of Steven Curtis Chapman’s tragic loss of his five year old daughter, Maria.  “Steven is unflinchingly honest in his exploration of grief and loss.  He asks the questions we all ask when horrible things happen to the innocent, yet throughout the album hope shimmers, faith becomes more real and even more precious, and the peace that surpasses all understanding” is communicated.

My personal favorites on the album are Faithful, Beauty Will Rise, and Spring is Coming.  To find out more about the album, go to

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