A piece of my mind for the candidates in the Bluegrass state

A piece of my mind for the candidates in the Bluegrass state

October 27, 2010 ~ There has been a lot of talk about imposing term limits and I happen to agree with that philosophy, but I don’t think we need to limit those terms to time served in office.  Just as our Founding Fathers did not intend for people to choose politics as their career of choice, they did not intend for us to be inundated with negative campaign ads for months on end, so I propose we have some term limits with campaigning, and I don’t just mean for the ads.  Let’s define a shorter amount of time that these people can seek our votes.  After all, they don’t have to ride a horse from county to county.  They’ve got the power of television, radio, the internet, phones, and instant messaging.

The more time we give these people to campaign, the more time they have to dig up dirt on the other guy, air his dirty laundry, or fabricate stories to turn us away from their opponent.

Just this morning I found a newsletter in my email box stating that Mitt Romney, Tim Pawlenty, Rick Santorum, and Haley Barbour will all makes stops in Iowa this week. Apparently, they can never be too early in preparing for the caucuses scheduled there in January 2012.   I don’t have time to research the schedules of the candidates on the democratic side of the fence.  Had they been mentioned in the article, they would also be listed here.  I know they would not sit back and let the republicans do all of the campaigning so I am sure their itineraries are already scheduled as well.

Here I was, looking forward to November 3 – the day that I will no longer be bombarded with political ads, dirty laundry, and fabricated bologna.  Instead I realize that I will now be inundated with all the candidates running for election in 2012.  Is there no end to this bombardment?

I’m sick and tired of turning on my television only to see commercial after commercial full of anger, lies, and finger pointing.  If the candidates in my state of Kentucky have actually done the things I’m hearing about in these ads, they belong behind bars and not on the campaign trail.  These ads are obviously created by the same people that produce the ambulance chasing legal ads.  They are an insult to our intelligence….well, most of us, anyway.   I guess there are a few out there that believe this propaganda since it’s found to be playing on my television screen 24/7.

It’s time to regulate these political campaigns and stop the negative campaigning.  Can we make it illegal?  I might point out that I won’t give one dime to a campaign if it might go to pay for one of those ads.  I can get more value for my dollar somewhere else.

I have to wonder what goes on in the mayor’s office here in Lexington, Kentucky, during normal business hours.  The mayor and the vice mayor are both running for the top position and are both running ads that would anger anyone so I’m pretty sure there is a coldness to the air inside that building.  The ads are negative, accusatory, and frankly I have no idea why I should vote for either one of them.  Right now I only know why I shouldn’t vote for either one of them.  Am I to expect that they are both working side by side to meet the needs of those of us who reside in this fair city?  I’m not holding my breath!

I have to wonder if my congressman has really been personally visiting everyone he claims to have spoken with across our district when I couldn’t even get his personal attention even one time in the past year for an issue that was life threatening to our wounded warriors.  Maybe that’s why he didn’t have time for me.  He must have been busy campaigning for votes.  Here’s a piece of my mind that might be of value.  Mr. Chandler, do your job.  Then you might get all of our votes!

Here are a few more bits and pieces of my mind for anyone who is interested. I don’t want to hear of all the wrong that has been done by the person who currently holds the office.  Newsflash!  I already know!

I don’t want to hear an embellished version of something that a candidate might have done 35 years ago when he was a teenager.  There is not a person on this planet that doesn’t have some sort of regret in their past.  We all make mistakes, and typically, we learn our best lessons from them.

I don’t want to hear about Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama, George W., or Bill Clinton anymore.  What they have or haven’t done is irrelevant.  I don’t want to know how wrong the other guy’s ideas are for our country.  I want to know what the candidate, himself, is going to do to fix things around here.  And by the way, please say it without blaming or involving any other individuals and their past actions.  Can anyone even do that?  Both sides just finger point and I’m sick of it!   I want to know why I should cast my vote for the guy doing the talking today and asking for my vote next Tuesday.

I don’t want to spend my time answering the same old questions from every pollster that has found access to my home phone number.  I don’t need anyone else to leave me a message telling me that next Tuesday is Election Day!  Got it!

Just this week, I set aside a valuable hour of my time to watch Rand Paul and Jack Conway debate.  By the end of the debate, I was furious because both candidates were more content to sling mud at every opportunity.  Even more insulting was to find that the angry mob outside was resorting to physical violence.  Now the entire nation is watching Kentuckians act like foolish thugs, pointing the finger of blame as if that gives them an excuse to act childish.  No one even seems to care about the issues discussed that night or if we gleaned any information about our candidates from the debate.

I wasn’t out there in the parking lot that night.  I don’t know who started the fiasco.  The woman who was wrestled to the ground is not even from Kentucky so what was she doing here in the first place?  Shouldn’t she be in her own state holding a sign?  If groups like MoveOn.org would mind their manners, people like Lauren Valle wouldn’t be empowered to wear wigs and give out “awards”.  Her intent was to cause trouble.  She got it, so why is she complaining?

I’m not any more impressed by Tim Profitt who stomped on Valle.  Profitt came to the event looking for trouble too, and fully intended to be the one to take care of it when he found it.  He took care of it alright. Valle was already on the ground, and he just couldn’t resist stomping on her!  That was incredibly stupid and he just went from asset to liability as far as Rand Paul is concerned.

Dr. Paul is offended because his Christian beliefs are being questioned.  Frankly, the man is making me question his beliefs and it has nothing to do with the ridiculous “aqua buddha” commercial I have been forced to watch day in and day out.  Rand Paul would go a lot further to show me he is a Christian by walking the walk.  I’ve met him before and if first impressions speak the loudest, he is a rude, arrogant man who is not going to be the least bit interested in his constituents.  Call me crazy, but those characteristics are not typically used to describe a man of God.  Seems to me that if someone truly cares about representing the people, his love and respect for his potential constituents would be evident to all of us.

Since Christianity is one of the main topics in this particular feud, I can’t forget to mention that Jack Conway stated during the debate that he was a Christian and in the same sentence he said that he believed that abortion was okay in certain circumstances.  When is it ever acceptable to kill an unborn child?  I don’t care if the woman was raped.  The child has the same right to life that the rest of us have been given.  Can’t something good ever come from something bad?  Jack, I’ve never met you, but I could tell when you answered the question that you knew your answer just didn’t make sense. This makes me wonder how often you will say something or do something just because you want to say or do what you believe is the right thing for that particular time or for that particular audience.

I’ve probably taken this election more seriously than any other in my life because over the past year, I’ve finally exercised my option as a tax paying citizen to ask for help from my representatives.  I already know our elected lawmakers are busy, and I wouldn’t expect any one of them to devote all of their time to me, personally.  I already know that I must share their time with the other constituents in the district.

What I didn’t know, but what I learned, is that Senator McConnell and Congressman Chandler, who represent me, aren’t the least bit interested in their constituents.  Fortunately, a congressman from another state (Walter Jones, North Carolina) was interested in their constituent from Kentucky, and it was in working with him that I discovered the real difference between an official who truly cares about his constituents and one who doesn’t.  Let me clarify when I refer to a constituent as one who fits the definition of middle class American, rather than constituent who represents one who possesses big bucks.

I am concerned about the issues, and come November 2, I will have to vote for somebody.  I will likely vote for the one who most closely represents the issues from my perspective.  That is, if I can figure that out once I sift through the garbage, but to be honest, what I’m really looking for in a representative is nowhere to be found at this particular time.

I want to vote for someone who has taken the time to look me in the eye and stop long enough to hear what I am saying and be just a little bit interested in my value as a human being, a Kentuckian, and one who just might vote them into office.  Don’t ask me a question if you don’t want to listen to the answer.  Right now Andy Barr is the only one who has done that.

I want to vote for the one who will get personally involved in my case rather than have some aide stonewall me with form letters and a signature made with a rubber stamp for months on end.

I want to vote for someone who will know my name after several months of supposed work on my case.

I want to vote for someone who will take the time to look at my evidence, and defend it against the powers that be because it is the right thing to do, rather than look the other way because it’s just too hard to go up against Goliath, no matter how wrong the giant might be.

I want to vote for someone who will work with other lawmakers to accomplish something big instead of giving my vote to the guy who accomplishes nothing because he has to stick to some silly policy that tells him he just can’t work with any other offices.  That doesn’t even make sense!

I want to vote for someone who thinks my vote, my life, my issues, and my family are just as important as the wealthiest and most powerful constituent on his roll.

Gentlemen, you’ve got six days left.  I’m waiting for a good reason to push the lever next to your name.

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